Our voice matters.
Our action matters more.

We are committed to change and inspired to build a more just world together.

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With you as our partner, we can meet our mission to strengthen community-driven approaches that advance equity, opportunity, and sustainable systems.

Advancing Equity

We are inspired by the hope, solidarity, and commitment of partnership with the community. In addition to using our voices and working every day to create systems that work for all – we are committed to action, through increasing the grants that support work by and for the community, increasing investments in and with communities of color, and making every daily choice with equity in mind.

Original artwork by Minneapolis artist Ricardo Levins Morales

Areas of Interest

Expanding Opportunities for Children and Families

To address the complex issues facing families and communities living in poverty, we believe that education is key. We help expand opportunities for children and families in Minneapolis and Saint Paul neighborhoods.

Photo: Northside Achievement Zone

Sustaining Environmental Systems

Reducing and repairing environmental harms and promoting effective environmental solutions and stewardship require that the communities most affected are the ones to acquire, share, implement, and lead the change to create healthy land and water systems.

Photo: Land Stewardship Project

Strengthening Developing Communities

In developing countries across the world, families in poverty face challenges in accessing economic opportunities, education, housing, and healthcare. We support creating and implementing sustainable solutions, in partnership with the community.

Photo: OneVillage Partners

Enhancing Community Through Impact Investments

Our investment strategies focus on making an impact. This approach ensures a stable capital base for grantmaking in the future while improving the well-being of communities. We accept information on impact investment opportunities that will produce a social or environmental benefit and a financial return.

Photo: Eastern Congo Initiative


Learn more about our grant programs and other opportunities to make a positive impact in the community.

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