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We value your feedback

We value and welcome feedback from the community, grant partners, and those seeking grants and financial investments. We recognize that honest feedback to make our performance stronger and more responsive is a gift that you can give us.

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Mortenson Family Foundation
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Our Team

Donna Dalton

Donna launched her nonprofit career as a development professional, sitting across the table from foundations like the one she now serves. Prior to joining Mortenson Family Foundation, she worked with The Saint Paul Foundation and Minnesota Community Foundation in helping individuals, families, and corporations with their charitable giving. This experience provided the lens for approaching her current work with both respect and in collaboration with those who are deeply committed to serving the community.

Donna holds a master’s degree in public administration from Hamline University and a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Minnesota.

Camille Gonzalez

Camille has a diverse range of disciplines that comprise her research and training background. She has conducted research to identify inclusive and equitable practices within donor advancement, the classroom, and the faculty and staff at St. Olaf College. Through these experiences, Camille became even more passionate about promoting inclusive and equitable practices within the nonprofit sector. She now brings this experience and passion to the Mortenson Family Foundation, working as its Grants and Program Coordinator.

Camille holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History, Anthropology, and Asian Studies from St. Olaf College that includes coursework at the University of Oslo (Universitetet i Oslo) and National Taiwan University (國立臺灣大學).

Ambar Hanson

Ambar moved to Minnesota from the Dominican Republic in 1997. Since moving to the U.S., Ambar has been dedicated to promoting and advocating for immigrant communities, communities of color, and other historically underserved communities to have greater access to quality education, jobs that provide livable wages, health, housing, and safety. Ambar is passionate about working with and for communities to promote social change through strength-based community engagement efforts. She supports the Mortenson Family Foundation in the area of Expanding Opportunities for Children and Families.

Ambar holds a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Colorado, Denver, and a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Latin American studies from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.

Danyelle O'Hara

Danyelle has worked throughout her career with a range of U.S. and international organizations to help build capacity in issues related to community economic development, natural resources management, and community change. At its core, her interest is in helping communities and community-based organizations develop visions for their aspirations and practical plans for achieving them in the most inclusive ways possible. Danyelle carries this focus with her in supporting the Mortenson Family Foundation’s Strengthening Developing Communities and Sustaining Environmental Systems program areas.

Danyelle holds a master’s degree in international development education and a bachelor’s degree in anthropology, both from Stanford University.