Photo: The Nature Conservatory

Seeking New Sustaining Environmental Systems Community Relationship Officer

As our Foundation continues to grow in both its size and work, we are building our team capacity. Over the past 18 months, Danyelle O’Hara …

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Mortenson Family Foundation Announces New Community-Centered Grants,
Shares Progress on Its Racial Equity Commitments

Minneapolis, MN [April 6, 2022]— In 2018, the Mortenson Family Foundation board grounded itself in its mission to build partnerships to strengthen community-driven approaches that …

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Mortenson Family Foundation Announces New Guidelines and Pilot Grant Round for Sustaining Environmental Systems Program

Minneapolis, MN [January 31, 2022]— Mortenson Family Foundation pilots its new Sustaining Environmental Systems grant guidelines in a grant round that will be open for …

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Stories of Change CEP Series includes Mortenson Family Foundation Learnings

Mortenson Family Foundation recently joined seven other foundations in a blog series with the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) to share stories of change. Each …

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Welcoming Community to the Sustaining Environment Systems Committee

Over the past year, the Foundation concentrated intently on learning about, reaching out and listening to, and working with community members through focus groups and …

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Advancing Equity

Mortenson Family Foundation began its equity journey in 2018 when the Foundation Board approved a mission that included advancing equity. When we started our journey …

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